Waiting for the sun

Here i am, i'm back in the blogging with some lovely photos! I just come back from Barcellona and i have to say that the sun, the beach gave me a new charge! Too bad that as soon as i returned to Italy i founded a terrible weather!
It's cold and rainy. So i need some colored and cute photos to find the right mood to come back in the routine. Enjoy them
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Nothing to prove (H2O)

It's a busy period, try to take care of myself it means also have no time for other things!
I enjoy the time with myself and i'm pretty focus on a few little healthy problems that i want to resolve!
I don't have so much time for shopping, blogging etc .. sorry about that but the new me is pretty determinate to stay healthy and... happy.
I'm going to spend my next weekend with my girls in Barcelona.. can't wait!

And after that there's my birthday.. the wedding.. i'm going to have a roller coaster of emotions i guess!
this is a run-no have time- i'm late outfit!

eheh i already said.. i don't have time for this right now :-(
jacket:Pimkie-sweat:Zara,jeans:ViaTortona,shoes:noname,bga designed by me, hat:UrbanOutfitters
enjoy your day


Hot&spicy mini chilli

 Venus rice cake with red bean chilli with cherry tomatoes.
all vegan
Enjoy the weekend!


Love is the drug (Roxy Music)

Hi folks, how was your weekend ? mine was pretty great, good times with friends and love,
 running, good food, sun .. life is sweet.
The spring is coming and a lot of things are changing in my life so..i guess that is 
 time to let go some "friends" .. 
It's sad but some relationships are born to last, we make different paths, 
different choices and you can't stop the time .
 You may grow faster or slower than others and you feel the distance with some of the people around you.
 It's not a bad thing, the memories of the good times are still in my mind and into my heart but what can we do ?
The love for the people remain but the things in common are not enough to stay. 
I have my eyes open, and i can see that i need some new feelings, new projects.
A new vision.
 So i'm going to travel into myself and in the world to see, and maybe find, something that can fill my heart.
Spring is coming, i'm changing or blossoming ? ah, i don't know but i like this feeling.
 In the meantime i have some good friends,
 a great big big love and a fantastic family that make me proud.
 I wish you a good start of the week!

Jacket: Anaona, scarf: Zara, blouse: Band of Outsiders, 
skirt : Pimkie , socks : Urban Outfitters, sneakers: Nike, purse: Zara