Ready for autumn

Here we are, i left the blog for a while 'cause i have a lot of news that are comin'!
I'm pretty busy at the moment but i'm already here to think about.. fall!
Here some inspiring photos about fall, love the mood!
What do you think ? are you in the summer team or fall team ?
Editorial from Harper's Bazar Latin America, styled by Akari Endo-Gaut, model: Meghan Collison


Orange and green

raw zucchini and carrots spaghetti with tofu and almonds!
All vegan
All delicious!


Mother Nature (Hawaii)

Here some photos from our honeymoon, 
we went to Hawaii in particulary : Ohau, BigIsland, Kauai.
I really don't know what can i write about this trip:
the nature is so amazing overthere, i tried to absorb as much as possible that wonderful and magic energy 'cause it was a great experience. 
We visited active vulcanoes, lava tunnel walked in, beautiful waterfalls, a gorgeous canyon and much more! 
It was a funny trip especially if you like to explore!
I just want to say MAHALO (thanks) to that magic place, beautiful animals and amazing humans.
See you soon Hawaii ;-)


Girl crush: Laura Sfez

OPSSSS  i left the blog for a while 'cause.. i got married!
yes, the day has arrived and we celebrated! 
And after the wedding we went to the magic Hawaii!

soon the photos, but before.. 
....can we talk about Laura Sfez??
She's so beautiful and talented that i really don't know what i have to say about her!!
She's the owner of L'ecoledesfemmes, such a sexy brand! 

I love her 'cause if you follow her Instagram you can find 
great taste about music (Tupac, Die antwoord and much more ) great strong character, beautiful clothing and a taste of all french .
so .. what you are waiting for ? 

check her Tumblr lecoledesfemmeslaurasfez and buy her clothing!